Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a definition missing

Ryan wrote this for me the day after our first date on February 15, 2004.  We'd known each other for years already, but this was the beginning of a new journey for us both.  It was these little pieces of his heart that made me fall in love with him ...

and I always wondered why
they called it falling in love

but lately
you've been clearing that up for me
cause every time we touch
my heart simply

and on the way down
forgets to remember

(or does it remember to forget)

to keep on beating

and I always thought
that falling in love
would be
a moment
an experience
an event

but I'm realizing
that it happens
every time I see you
and every touch
and thought
and breathe

and silence

every picture
and fingertip
and every time our noses touch
just before the kiss

soft sighs and giggles
unexplainable smiles
and sore cheeks
and being shy

so I don't know
what it all means

(well maybe I do)

just that
I'm starting to understand
why it's called falling in love
in the first place

and I know I'm not there
but that doesn't really matter right now
cause right now

I pray
and I pray

and I'm just

and baby
the best part is

right there

with me

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